Sunday, July 18, 2010

The National Archives of Scotland - July 20

After our wonderful trip to Dunfermline, we returned to Edinburgh to visit the National Archives of Scotland (NAS). NAS is government agency, headed by the Keeper of the Records of Scotland. The mission of NAS is to preserve, protect, and promote the nation's records and to provide access to the archive that educates.

The Archive is split into 2 divisions, Records Services and Corporate Services. The building we visited is known as the General Register House and it holds 70 kilometers of records dating back to the 12th century. The records maintained by NAS are divided into the following categories: government, legal registers, courts, churches, nationalized industries and transport, Local authorities, Private and corporate bodies, and Maps and plans.

Patrons of NAS tend to fall into 2 groups, academic researchers or genealogists. This latter group tends to utilize the Scottish People Centre which has been widely digitized. Others looking for on-site research may do so in one of the reading rooms, like the Historical Search Room seen below.

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